Wednesday, November 9, 2011

November 6th to 12th

Long Run at 7:30 with XC team. We ran up to Story Hill and back and then Dan and I added on a little bit. I really did not enjoy this long run. My back was still hurting a little bit and there was a couple of inches of snow on the ground which made my back feel worse. The whole run I was dreading the coming of the snow season and generally not having the time of my life. Anyway, the run totalled 2 hours. I am going to call it 17 miles because it was so horrible even though we probably only ran 16 miles. (17/17)

Easy run in the morning of about 5 miles. In the evening, I ran 8 or 9 miles. My back is now feeling much better and I am no longer as upset about the cold weather and snow. Most areas are pretty clear of snow which makes running much more enjoyable. (13/30)

In the morning, I ran 8 200 meter hill sprints with Carl, Dan, and Pat. In the evening, I ran a twenty minute tempo with the rest of the XC team and then did 4 times 200 on the track. The tempo felt really comfortable and averaged 5:10 to 5:15 pace. Between the two workouts I covered some different energy systems. (13/43)

Easy run with the MSU team including running home and back. (10/53)

Headed out at about 7:20 this morning to meet up with Carl, Pat, and Dan for a tempo workout. We have somewhat limited options now that there is snow on the ground so we ended up doing the same tempo mile loop over and over. I actually really like doing repetitive loops for tempo runs because it is more accurate to compare times. I did 8 times mile tempos with 60 seconds rest between. I don't know how accurate the loop is, but I averaged maybe 5:02 or so for the 8 overall. Felt pretty good overall, except for the 1st one which felt a little rough. Running from the house to the Fieldhouse and then out to the course was a long warm up, but I did that because I won't get another chance to run today because we are traveling to Pocatello on our war to Provo for Regionals. (14/67)

Easy run in Pocatello. I ran up to the water tower and around some neighborhoods. In the afternoon, I ran the course preview in Provo for the Mountain Region Championships. (13/80)

Wanted to do a workout today, but it didn't end up work out. I went over to the course meaning to meet up with Zachery Barrett, but ended up being late. I ran into an old friend Rob Parish and we did an easy run. Zack finally showed up, but I had already run 7 to 8 miles, so I decided to just do an easy run and maybe do a workout tomorrow. (11/91)

Weekly Summary
91 miles in 10 runs. Would have been a great week if I did the workout Saturday. Oh well, I should have planned a bit better and been more disciplined.

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