Sunday, November 13, 2011

November 13th to 19th

Long run in the afternoon. Ran from my house out Story Hill to Syphes Canyon Road and back. Since I didn't get a workout in yesterday, I ran the uphills hard and the downhills easy. I started running the uphills at the corner of McIllhattan and Story Hill. I just did the out and back instead of the loop so I had hills on the way back too. The first 33 minutes was easy, then 2:56 h, 1:16 e, :41 h, 1:21 e, 1:06 h, 1:38 e, 1:09 h, 1:01 e, 2:35 h, 1:06 e, :18 h, 1:07 e, 3:15 h, 2:23 e, 4:25 h, 7:23 e, 1:09 h, :41 e, 1:04 h, 4:06 e, 2:20 h (this was a flat section, but threw in a hard flat section), and then 29:30 easy to get the rest of the way home. There was a total of 19 or so minutes of hard mostly uphill running. (15.5/15.5)

Easy run 12 miles in the evening. (12/27.5)

10 times 150 meter hill sprints with jog back recovery, in the morning. In the afternoon, I ran a 25 minute tempo. It was cold and pretty windy all day. It was 20 degrees when I ran in the morning and about 26 degrees in the afternoon. (16/43.5)

Easy run in the morning of about six miles. It was very cold out, somewhere between 0 and 5 degrees. However, it was sunny and there was a fresh layer of 1-2 inches of snow on the ground. As crazy as it sounds, it was actually a nice little run. In the afternoon, I ran an easy 7 miles. (13/56.5)

Tempo workout in the morning on the 2 mile loop near/on campus. The workout was 3 mile tempo, 2 mile tempo, 2 mile tempo, 1 mile tempo with 3 minutes, 2 minutes, 2 minutes rest. I was just a little more aggressive with the workout today, especially for a tempo and doing it completely by myself. My times were 14:58, 9:58, 9:58, 4:58. The 3 mile tempo had the downhill section of the two mile loop twice, while the mile was on the uphill section. There was a lot of foot traffic on the mile interval which made it a little more difficult. This was one of my better solo workouts in a while, especially for a solo tempo. (12/68.5)

It snowed a lot last night, maybe 8 inches. I woke up this morning and immediately started shoveling. It took over an hour to get everything shoveled. After shoveling, I headed out on a little run. It was slippery where it had been plowed or shoveled and the snow was deep where it hadn't been. I ran for 42 minutes, but probably ran not too much more than 5 miles. Hopefully the footing will be a little better this afternoon and tomorrow morning, but it sounds like we are gonna get more snow. In the evening, the footing was a little better, but it was cold and very windy. It was pretty aweful out, but for some reason it was fun being out there in the storm. I ran around town and then did a loop around the cemetery. (12.5/81)

Easy run in the morning of about 9 miles. If it was halfway descent out, I would have done a fartlek workout. It was pretty cold out and the footing was horrible everywhere. I had some thoughts about doing a workout on the 200 meter track in the Fieldhouse, but just wasn't ready to do a workout indoors. Worked selling 50/50 tickets at Cat-Griz game. What a disappointment that game was. Maybe the loss will help them play well in the playoffs this year. Cross country and track are where its at anyway:) (9/90)

Weekly Summary
90 miles in 10 runs. Training isn't too structured right now. I need to decide what I am training for for sure and then follow a more focused training plan.