Sunday, November 20, 2011

November 20th to 26th

Long run with Dan Jackson. Dan is so skinny he saves the team on travel because we just send him through the fax machine. Long distance rates do apply though. Anyway, we had a great long run. We talked it out and somehow killed 2 hours and a lot of miles. It was really cold when we started, about 4 degrees, but it was clear and there was no wind so it was actually kind of nice out. (16.5/16.5)

Short easy run in the morning of about 4 miles. In the afternoon, I went on for about a 9 mile easy run. Ran for a time with Jake and Grant after bumping into them. Also bumped into Scott Creel and ran with him for a bit. (13/29.5)

Did not run today. I was just stressed out about things and didn't go for a run even though it would have helped me to feel a little better.

Easy run 9+ miles. (9/38.5)

Raced the Huffing for Stuffing 10.6K. I woke up in the Morning with a sore throat and felt zapped of energy. Because I was feeling sick, I didn't run really hard. I pretty much ran 5:20 miles the entire way. Thanksgiving Dinner was lots of fun. Once dinner was over, I felt absolutely exhausted by 8pm. (12/50.5)

Still had a sore throat this morning and the congestion was starting to kick in. Went for a short run in the afternoon. Didn't feel great on the run which was to be expected. (6/56.5)

Didn't go for a run today. Really feeing the congestion now, but should have gone for at least a short run anyway.

Weekly Summary
56.5 miles in 6 runs. This was good week to take it easy, especially with getting sick. Need to pick it up next week.

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