Monday, November 28, 2011

November 27th to December 3rd

Long run at 7am with Matt Adams and DJ from Full House. It was good to catch up with Grizzly Adams. Also, it really helped to run with someone because I was still not feeling great from the cold. I wouldn't have gone as far without them. We did the Nash Loop and a big loop around town. After the run, Rowan, Sierra, and I went and hunted a Christmas Tree. I really had to hike a lot, but I found a bute. I was kind of worried Sierra might not like it because it wasn't the super skinny tree we typically bag. All of this was done before 12:30. As productive as the morning was, the afternoon/evening was equally unproductive! (17/17)

Easy Run in the morning of about 5 miles. In the afternoon, I ran about 8 miles with the MSU guys and then did a plyos circuit. (13/30)

Did a little tempo in the afternoon. I did the first 6 miles of the Huffing for Stuffing course and ran a little slower than I did in the race. I thought I would run faster than the race, but was still not feeling good from the sickness and was just in trainers. I hope to shake this cold soon so I start feeling good again. (9.5/39.5)


Easy Run 9 miles (9/48.5)

Easy Run 6.5 miles (6.5/55)


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