Tuesday, December 6, 2011

December 4th to 10th

Easy Run 7 miles

Easy Run 9 miles, hurdle mobility, strides (9/16)

Did a workout in the freezing cold. It was about 2 degrees out when I started. I warmed up about 13 minutes and realized I wasn't really "warming up" at all so I decided to get right into the workout. I did 10 times 3 minutes on, 1 minute off. The course was really hilly, back and forth on Highland Boulevard between Main Street and Kagy Boulevard. I don't think the pace was very fast between the hills and because this was my first workout in a while. I only took 1 minute rest because I thought the pace would be just faster than tempo. The purpose of this workout was to reintroduce myself to workouts without overwhelming myself. Finally feeling over one doozy of a cold. In the afternoon, I ran an easy 6 miles with the MSU XC team. (16/32)

Easy Run 12 miles. (12/44)

Tempo run - 3 mile, 2 mile, 1 mile with 3 minutes and 2 minutes rest. Used my new GPS watch for this workout. It was really foggy and about 15 degrees. The tempo was ok, but I didn't run it very fast. It was my first workout in a bit so I wasn't too concerned. Ran about 5.5 easy in the evening. (16/60)

Easy Run 7 miles (7/67)

Long Run 18 miles - the loop from home out S. 3rd, to Nash, Triple Tree, Bozeman Trail, Main Street, Church, Kagy, and home. Felt pretty good on this run. I ran hard from the bottom of Triple Tree to the top. This was maybe 7 to 10 minutes of hard running and almost entirely uphill. (18/85)

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