Friday, December 16, 2011

December 11th to 17th

Here is my training plan for the rest of December:

fartlek - 10 * 3 min on, 1 min offECRTempoECRLong Run
ECRfartlek - 15 sets of (2 on, 1 off)ECRTempo 3, 2, 2, 1 mile with 3, 2, 2 minute restECR6 sets of (30 sec on, 70 off, 30 on, 70 off, 60 on, 140 off)Long Run
ECRfartlek - 10 sets of (3 on, 2 off)ECRTempo 3, 3 mile with 3 min restECR4 sets of (30 sec on, 75 off, 30 on, 75 off, 120 on, 5 min off)Long Run
ECRfartlek - 5 sets of (3 on, 2 off, 2 on, 1 off, 1 on, 30 sec off)ECRTempo 3, 2, 2, 1 mile with 3, 2, 2 minute restECR6 sets of (30 sec on, 70 off, 30 on, 70 off, 60 on, 140 off)Long Run

Easy run of 6 miles in the evening. Intended on getting more miles in, but was very busy getting everything ready for our trip to San Antonio for the USTFCCCA Convention. (6/6)

Traveled to San Antonio and headed out for a workout right after we arrived. Sierra and Rowan also made the trip. It was wonderful having them there! I went ahead with the 15 times 2 minutes with one minute rest just like what is on the schedule. The workout actually seemed to go pretty well. Based on the random pace checks my watch indicated, I was running about 4:40 to 4:45 pace overall for the 'on' portion. I did the entire workout on  the same 1/2 mile section of sidewalk, back and forth. After the workout, I attended the symposiums and had a good time at the convention. (12/18)

I did a 6am run with a couple people. The run was ok, but I would have felt better with a little more sleep. The rest of the day I spent in symposiums and other convention events. It was Sierra's birthday today as well, so Sierra, Rowan, and I did some hanging out! (7/25)

Waited until the afternoon to head out for a run. I really did not feel great, but decided to start the workout regardless. I was just really struggling and not feeling it, so I decided to just run back after a couple miles of tempo and call it a day. The fact it was 75 degrees and unbelievably humid when I tried to run, did not help.(7/32)

Did not run today. Should have done a little run after getting back to Bozeman, but felt like it would do more harm than good because I was pretty beat.

Easy 5 mile run in the morning. In the evening, I did a mile/rep pace workout on the roads. It was 6 times 30 seconds on, 75 seconds off, 30 seconds on, 75 seconds off, 60 seconds on , 240 seconds off. My watch had me down at 4 minute mile pace for the 'on' segments. When I was going around a curve, the watch would have me at 4:10 min mile pace, but when I hit a straight stretch it had me at about 4 min mile pace. This leads me to believe the watch under measures distance on corners. Anyway, the workout went pretty well. I always feel better about in the workouts which follow a rep workout. Improvements in running economy seem to kick in pretty quick or maybe it is just in my head? Regardless, it is fun doing something faster which is not extremely hard. I was trying to get a little more knee lift after listening to symposium speakers at the convention. (15/47)

Long Run of 19.5 miles according to my watch and a total running time of 2 hours and 15 minutes. This run ended up being a little longer than I thought. The route was from my house, over to MSU, to Rouse, then out McIllhatten, to Syphes and then back to the house. Basically over to the college and then reverse Syphes Canyon Route. I felt ok and pushed about a 15 minute uphill section of the run just a little bit. (19.5/66.5)

Weekly Summary
66.5 miles in 7 runs. This was not a great week of training in terms of mileage, but I did get in two solid workouts and a good long run. I guess all things being equal, I would rather have a week with good workouts compared to a week of mileage with no workouts. However, it would be better to have a week of training with mileage in the 80 to 90s and 2 to 3 solid workouts.

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