Wednesday, June 6, 2012

May 27th to June 2nd

Weekly Summary:
73 miles in 7 runs. This was an ok week overall. I wish I wouldn't have gotten so frustrated on Tuesday. I shouldn't have had the wisdom tooth extracted right now, but it ended up turning out ok. I was pretty worried it might turn into something serious.

Went to what is my least favorite workout, but one I feel like I need to do, repeat 1200s. Dan Jackson ran the 2nd 800 of each 1200 with me which really helped. As far as pace goes, I averaged about 3:24 so it was a solid workout. (9.5/73)

Easy run of about 10 miles. (10/63.5)

Did a workout of 6 * 200 at 29, 28, 27, 26, 25.5, 25.1. The rest between started at 2 minutes and increased 15 seconds between each so I took 3 minutes before the last one. I haven't done much faster than mile pace, so I am hoping this will help the running economy and speed endurance a bit. After the 200s, I did 2 * 3200 with 2 minutes rest. The tempos were 10:15 and 10:30. The tempos felt much harder than they usually do and I didn't want to press too hard. Probably because of the 200s beforehand and because my stomach was hurting from ibuprofen and blood that was getting down into my stomach. (9/53.5)

So I have had only one wisdom tooth. I had always put off having it removed, but today I decided to go ahead with it. It turned out to be a bad idea for a couple of reasons. The root broke off from the tooth and a hole opened up to my sinuses. My dentist said he has extracted 1000s of teeth and this had never happened. Anyway, the dentist told me this was pretty serious and to take at least four days off. This wasn't really an option for me, so I just kept on my schedule. I did wait until pretty late at night and went for an 11 mile easy run. I was stressed the wisdom tooth extraction was going to get worse, but it wasn't too bad. (11/44.5)

Tried to do a workout today, but got a little frustrated. I planned on doing 10 * 500 with 50 to 55 seconds rest at about 66 second 400 speed. I started slipping into 68 second 400s during the 5th and 6th rep. Even though 68s would have still been a good workout, I just got frustrated and decided to quit for the day. Not sure why I was so frustrated. If I would have kept going, I am sure I would have gotten back to 66s at least on the last couple. (6.5/33.5)

Easy run of somewhere around 11 miles (11/27)

Long run of about 16 miles (16/16)

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