Wednesday, June 13, 2012

June 10th to 16th

Weekly Summary
Only 45 miles this week because of the two races and because I couldn't really run on Thursday. The Indiana trip didn't go well for me at all. It was too long to be away from the family and I slept horrible the entire trip. As unpleasant as it was, I am still glad I went because I tend to struggle if I have not raced for a while. I was sure glad to get back home!

Ran about 2 miles in the morning. At night, I ran the 1500 in the American Milers Series. I still felt extremely tight everywhere in my body, especially my quads and hip flexors. My back felt pretty good for the most part though. I ended up running 3:45.01 for the 1500 which was ok I guess, but I think I am more fit than that right now. About 30 minutes after the 1500, I rabbeted the first 1600 of the 5K in about 4:18 or so, then did 4 * 200 in 26 or 27. (7/45)

Back feeling a lot better today, although it might be because of the ibuprofen. Every part of my body was feeling very tight though, I think from the sore back. Went for a 4 mile run in both the morning and afternoon. (8/38)

Pouted around for a while and just sat in the motel room watching golf. My back really bothered me today. Sitting around in the motel did not help. In the afternoon/evening, I went out for a run and couldn't even make it a couple miles and had to stop. The sitting around in the motel room aggravated it worse than the race. (2/30)

Ran the Steeplechase at the American Milers Series. It did not go well. I started out ok, but just started to struggle. Wasn't really positive the second half of race. Even had thoughts of dropping out. Was surprised to even run 8:40 considering how poorly I ran. My explanations (excuses) are most of the time I don't run really well after a break from racing (hadn't raced in a month) and my back was still not 100%. Disappointed in my focus and lack of fighting through some adversity. (6/28)

Easy run 4 miles. Traveled to Indianapolis in the evening and arrived in Indy at about 10pm. (4/22)

Easy run 9 miles. (9/18)

Last workout before going to Indianapolis. The weather was pretty aweful out. Very windy. For the workout, I ran 2 tempo miles with 60 seconds rest and then 3 times 1200. For the 1200s, I ran it kind of like the Bowerman/Pre 30-40 workout. The wind made the tempo miles slow. I ran 5:20 or so for the tempo miles. For the 1200s, I probably averaged 42 or 43 into the wind and 31s on the 'on' 200s. It seemed like I was already thinking of the race coming up and not all that into this workout. The weather being in the low 40s with a huge wind did not help. (9/9)

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