Friday, May 25, 2012

May 20th to 26th

Weekly Summary
68 miles in 8 runs. Had one pretty good workout and two average or below average workouts.

24 * 200 with relatively short rest. It was really windy out at the track when I did this workout. After each 200 I either ran forward 100 meters or backward 100 meters, so I wasn't running into the wind as much. When I ran forward to the next 100 mark, I took about 33-35 seconds rest. When I ran backward 100 meters, the rest was closer to 40 to 44 seconds because it took a little longer to get turned around. The first 12 200s I ran at about 31, the next 10 at 30, and the last 2 at 28. After the workout, Sierra, Rowan, and I all drove to Butte to watch the state AA & C track meet. Sierra and I hadn't eaten all day, so we went to Silverbow Pizza and devoured a large pizza at about 4 before driving back to Bozeman. (9/68)

Easy run of about 10 miles in the evening after driving back from watching the state AA & C track meet in Butte. (10/59)

Went back to the old 5 * 1200. It went ok, but not great. (9/49)

Easy run of 6 miles in the morning. In the afternoon, I ran another 7 miles or so. (13/40)

5 mile tempo. It was ok. Ran just over 26 minutes on the slow and windy course. (9.5/27)

Warmed up over to the track with some thoughts of doing a workout, but once I warmed up I realized it would be better to wait on the workout for one more day. One of the MSU guys was doing a little workout so I did a little of it with him, just for a little bit of a shakeout. I did 3 times 200 and 2 times 400 at mile pace. This little workout felt ok, but not great. (6/17.5)

Easy run of about 11.5 miles in the afternoon after driving back from Missoula in the morning. (11.5/11.5)

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