Saturday, April 7, 2012

April 1st to 7th

Long run 17 miles. (17/17)

Easy run 9 miles. In evening, I baby strolled it with Rowan for about 4 miles. (13/30)

Had another Tuesday morning workout struggle. The planned workout was 1600-1600-1200-1000-1000. Was just struggling and just not getting it done. I think I ran 4:36, 4:36, 3:27, 2:55, 2:55. Just think things are getting stagnant doing them by myself. Anyway, I decided to do the workout with the MSU distance team in the afternoon. The workout was 1600-1200-1200-1000-1000. I did feel a little tired, but the workout felt so much easier doing it with others instead of solo. I ran with the top MSU guys at 4:32, 3:24, 3:24, 2:53, and 2:47. (18/48)

Easy runs of 8 and 5 miles. (13/61)

Did a little workout of 3 mile tempo, 2 mile tempo, and 6 * 300 with a minute in between. Ran 15:20, 10:10, 46, 47, 46, 46, 46, 45. Felt tired during and after workout. After the workout, I helped out with the first day of the heptathlon and decathlon for the rest of the day. (10/71)

Easy run 8 miles. Worked the second day of heptathlon. It was cold, wet/snowy, and at times windy. (8/79)

Our first home fack meet was today. It snowed the day and night before, so we had some work to do in order to get the meet off. I was also one of the directors of the meet, I guess you could say, so I was pretty busy. I choose to run the 5k at the end of the meet because there wasn't as much which needed to be done at that point. I am not sure if I was tired from workouts, from working 3 days of track meets, or from not getting as much sleep all week as usual, but my energy level was low. I won the 5k in 14:34 (splits first two miles 4:46, 4:40 and last mile 4:32) just off Shannon Butler's track record of 14:31 (should have gone after it a little harder!). I wanted to run the last mile really fast, but I just couldn't do it today. (8/87)

Weekly Summary
87 miles in 10 runs. A pretty good week of training, except for the Tuesday morning workout blues. I am gonna do some strides at the end of my long run on Sunday to hopefully liven up my legs a little and really focus in order to have a good workout Tuesday morning this week. The last 2-3 weeks have been an adjustment because I have had a lot more coaching duties. However, we now have a baby sitter, so I am going to have some time during the day to get more work done and not have to work on things so much late at night. Excited for the coming weeks of racing. Training hasn't been great, but some things have gotten done even though the workouts are not that impressive on paper.

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  1. awesome work Lyle, your weekly work/racing is serious motivation for me