Tuesday, April 17, 2012

April 15th to 21st

Easy run 10 miles. (10/10)

Tempo run 5 miles. Ran on the old Sourdough Trail 5 mile loop. Not the fastest course with dirt surface and lots of sharp turns, but I ran about 26:15. I have only run this course under 26 minutes a couple of times, so it was an ok effort. Still feeling a little fatigued, but not horrible. (9/19)

Easy run after traveling all day. Drove to 2 plus hours to Billings because the plane out of Bozeman isn't big enough for vault poles, then flew into Ontario after a long lay over in Denver. (4/23)

Watched the MSU multi event athletes compete well at the Mt. SAC/Azuza multi event meets most of the day. Easy run in the evening of 6 miles. (6/29)

Steeple at Mt. SAC, 6th in 8:40. I was really nervous about this race. The steeple I ran last Saturday at Weber did not go well. I really started struggling at Weber the last couple laps. So, I was actually a little scared I was going to come totally apart in this race. Also, before the race I was really tired. I took a nap in the motel room which was the first time I have ever taken a nap on race day and might be the only nap I take this year. In the stands before the race I was almost falling asleep, which made me wonder how the race was going to go. My first 600 was solid and then I started backing off a little thinking I was out too fast. Throughout the race I felt pretty good, running 69 or 70 second splits after the first lap. With about 800 to go, I was still feeling good and started moving up. My last roughly 200 meters was 31 so I still had a bit in the tank. I am excited for Payton Jordan next Sunday. I had to get my cool down done quickly because we had to get Carl Nystuen to Cal State LA to run a 10K there. (6/35)

Easy run 6 miles around Mt. SAC area. Drove the Suburban around most of the day traveling between Azusa, Mt. SAC, and motel. Up late watching our athletes compete at Mt. SAC. About as sleep deprived as I have ever been. Felt tired all day and horribly tired at night. (6/41)

Ran a 1500 at the Beach Invitational. This week I have been as sleep deprived as I have ever been. Starting on Monday night this is what I have had for sleep 6, 5, 4, 5, 5. However, those 5 hours of sleep on Friday night must have been solid because I didn't feel horrible when I woke up. The 1500 actually went ok. My splits were 61, 2:02.5, and 2:49 (1100 meters). My finishing time was 3:47 low. I started picking it up with 450 to go. With 200 to go I knew the wasn't much left in the tank. My plan had been to do about an 8 mile easy run in the afternoon, but our assistant coach Bobby B. broke a pole vaulting. The shock tore his hand up. So I spent a lot of the afternoon and evening in the shadiest ER I have ever seen. Our flight takes off tomorrow morning at 6, so with a 3:45 wake up call, I won't be getting much sleep tonight. (6/47)

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