Thursday, March 29, 2012

March 25th to 31st

Long Run 17 miles (17/17)

Easy Run 11 miles (11/28)

Tried to do a workout today, but was just off. I ran 5 * 1200. I started off running 68s, but fell off after the 2nd or 3rd 1200. My frustration kept increasing and after the 2nd of what was supposed to be 3 300s, I decided to call it a workout. I stewed over the workout all day. In the evening, I ran 5 miles. (14/42)

Decided to redo yesterday's workout, so I did 5 * 1200 again. Ran much better today, although not great. I ran 68s until the last one when the wind really kicked up which led to a slower time. After the 1200s, I ran 3 *300 with 60 seconds rest in 46, 44, 43. In the evening, I ran 5 miles (15/57)

Ran 4-5 mile tempo run in the morning, but it wasn't real fast. In the afternoon, 5 miles. (14/71)

Ran 6 or 7 miles easy in the morning. In the evening, I traveled on the bus to Missoula for our first outdoor meet. (6/77)

Intended on doing a workout in the morning before the meet, but it just didn't work with the bus/coaching responsibilities. So right after the track events finished, I slipped in a quick workout while the discus finished up. I did 2 * 200 with 2 minutes rest after strides just to make sure I was warm. The I went into a 1200 meter time trial. I think my splits were about 59, 61, 61 for a 3:01 total time. I was surprised I ran that fast in a time trial especially after being on my feet all day. Also, I didn't go into an all out kick or anything the last 200, so again I was surprised to run what was a pretty fast 1200 for me. After the 1200s, I did 6 *200 in 26-28 with 2 minutes rest, in order to get a little faster running done. I wanted to do some more full oval (800, 600, 400) intervals, but I didn't want to be any more of a distraction than I had been to those watching the discus, so I just did 200s on the backstretch. (5/82)

Weekly Summary
82 miles in 10 runs (actually it may have been 77 miles in 9 runs, can't remember for sure if I did one of those afternoon 5 milers).

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