Wednesday, January 4, 2012

January 1st to 7th

Here is what I have on the schedule for training for the month of January:

ECR6 * 1200 at (i) pace - 3 minutes rest & 6 * 300 with 1 min restECRTempo 3, 2, 1 mile with 3, 2 min restECR6 sets of 200, 200, 400 at rep with 1 and 2 min restLong Run
ECR3 * mile at 3k pace with 5 minutes restECRTempo 6 * mile with 60 sec restECR10 times 400 at rep with 60 seconds restLong Run
ECR6 * 1200 at (i) pace - 3 minutes rest & 6 * 300 with 1 min restECRTempo 3, 3 mile with 3 min restECR1600, 1200, 800, 600, 400, 400 at rep with 2 to 1 rest work ratio (1600 time trial basically)Long Run
ECR9 x 800 at (i) with 110 sec rest & 2 sets of 3 x 300 with 1 min rest, 5 min set break5 mile tempoECRECRMSU Open - 3k or Mile & 800Long Run
ECR3 * mile at 3k pace with 5 minutes restECR

Easy run in Missoula. It was cold, windy, and overcast. The run was about 8 miles. I ran in the Rattlesnake area and was running while the Resolution Run was happening there. (8/8)

Drove back to Bozeman from Missoula in the morning. In the afternoon, I went over to the Fieldhouse to try and do the workout on the schedule above. However, the stands were still out on the track oval. I just didn't feel like doing another fartlek workout outside by myself, so I decided to do the workout tomorrow with the MSU team. I went out for an easy run of about 12 miles and felt pretty good. (12/20)

Ran with the MSU team and did sets of 200, 200, 400 with 1 minute rest after the 200s and 2 minutes rest after the 400s. During the warm up we did hurdle mobility and 8 by 100 meter strides. I felt pretty good during this workout. It was great running inside with warm temperatures and it was especially nice to do a workout with someone for the first time in a long time. I was able to hang with Pat, Dan, and Grant on this quicker workout, so I was encouraged. I ended up running 5 sets and probably average low 31s for the 200s and low 60s for the 400s. It was good not to over do it on the first workout in the indoor track with the tight turns. I will probably run the workouts with the MSU team for the rest of the week. In the afternoon, I went for a 7 mile easy run and felt pretty good. (14/34)

In the morning, I ran a bit under 7 miles with the MSU team. After the run, I did general mobility, hurdle skill, and rudiment (plyos). In the evening, I ran 6 miles. (13/47)

Ran 8 times 1K with the MSU team. Started at 2:55 and worked down to as low as 2:45, but we were taking a big rest of 3 minutes. Felt pretty good during the workout. Am a little surprised how good I have felt in these past two workouts. For a warmup, we did hurdle mobility, speed skill, and 8 times 100 meter strides. In the evening, I ran an easy 5 miles. (15/62)

Easy Run 8 miles. Was planning on going for another run this evening, but something came up which stressed me out. Instead of running again, Sierra, Rowan, and I did some serious hanging out. (8/70)

Tempo work with the MSU team - 2 times 3 mile with 3 minutes rest. Was kind of fired up today so I ran this pretty hard. The two 3 mile tempos were both about 14:45. I was out front of the team by a ways, but it was still nice having them there running at the same time. It is a real nice group of people. After the tempos, we ran 8 times 100 yard strides in the football stadium. Ten days ago, I was so frustrated and now I am feeling great. It is amazing how fast thing can turn around. Ran an easy 4 miles in the evening. (15/85)

Weekly Summary
85 miles in 11 runs. The way this week worked out, there was no long run in this 7 day period. This would have been about a 90 mile week with a long run in there. This was the best week of training I have had in quite a while. All three workouts were solid.

I was thinking today of a meet in 2009 at San Francisco State. It was a really fun meet and the awesome Hartnell team was there! I ran the 1500 and the 5K in the meet. I wasn't really prepared to race. I had done one track workout of 5*1200 or something two days before the meet. Everything else had just been out on the trails of Ft. Ord. I did end up winning the 1500 and ran 3:50, but it was all I had. In the 5K, some hours afterward, I managed to fall way behind, but made a late charge over the last little bit. Ended up running 14:10. It was a pretty good double and I was feeling confident afterward. However, my knee ended up swelling up after the race which really messed up the rest of the season. Probably shouldn't have run two races without track work or anything nearly that intense. It was a shock to the system I guess. Regardless, I had so much fun running in these races and cheering on the Hartnell runners. In the same 5K as me, Hartnell Panther Danny Tapia, set a new pr of 14:40. It is amazing Danny has now done 4 times 5K in 14:15  in preparation to shock people in the US Olympic Marathon Trials one week away! Go Danny!

Here is the link to the 1500:

Here is the link to the 5K:

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