Tuesday, January 17, 2012

January 15th to 21st

Easy Run 9 miles (9/9)

Workout by myself in Fieldhouse. Ended up doing 5*1200 and 5*300. The rest was 3 minutes between 1200s and 1 min between 300s. My average pace was 3:27 or 3:28 for the 1200s and 45 for the 300s. The 1200s obviously could have been better. Was really running late so the warm up and cool down were both super short. (8/17)

Easy runs of 9.5 miles in the morning and 4.5 in the afternoon. In the afternoon, I also did hurdle skill and plyos. (14/31)

4 mile tempo run in the morning. My legs felt beat up and the tempo did not go real well. I cut this tempo short because my legs were sore and just didn't feel right. I think the soreness was from wearing spikes for basically the first time on Monday for the 5 300s and a big plyo circuit and hurdle skill session. In the afternoon, I ran 5 miles easy. (13/44)

Easy run in the morning of 8 miles. In the afternoon, I ran 6 miles with the MSU team. My legs were feeling a little better and the soreness is mostly gone. (14/58)

The banked track was up for the meet today and I was able to get a workout in on it. I decided not to do the workout on the schedule because I didn't have time and I wasn't certain it would go well and I might have ended up frustrated. So, for a workout I still came up with a pretty challenging 20 * 200 with 30 seconds rest. It went pretty well. All of the first 18 200 were in 30 point and the last two were faster with the last in 27. This was the first time I have ever done this workout. Afterward, I thought I maybe could have gone for 29s instead of 30s. Maybe just the last 10 at 29 might have been good. (7.5/65.5)

Long run with MSU team 16.5 miles. (16.5/82)

Weekly Summary
82 miles in 10 runs. A little lower mileage this week which was probably a good thing. A couple of pretty good workouts and a tempo that didn't go very well. Looking forward to the race coming up this week (3k here in Bozeman).

No Weezytale this week :(

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