Monday, January 9, 2012

January 8th to 14th

Long run a lit over 17 miles in about 2 hours. Did a 10 minute loop running with the dogs, then ran Nash to Triple Tree to Canary around the hospital and home. Felt ok, but did feel a little tired climbing the Triple Tree hills. Did 4 to 5 strides in the last mile. (17/17)

Easy run with the MSU team. (8.5/25.5)
*Here is a link to a little interview I did thanks to the efforts of Kirk and Daniel.

It has been a difficult couple of days here. It is too bad decisions are often made on false premises. I believe Patrick Casey would have won national titles here at MSU. It would have meant more to him to do it here at MSU, at least in the long run. That is all I have to say about that. The good news is we have a great group of athletes who are going to perform well and have a good time. As far as the workout goes, I ran it with the MSU team today. The MSU workout was 400s with 2:30 rest. I had planned beforehand of doing a 600 and then 400 while starting each rep with the MSU team. So I would have done a 600 and had a little less than 2 min rest then 400 and then 2:30 rest. I was so drained that I just went ahead with the 400s with no 600s. This workout seemed way more difficult than it ordinarily would have been. I was putting in a good effort and only running maybe 61s average overall. Not a great workout, but at least I got some work in at mile pace. During the warm up we did hurdle mobility, speed skill, and 8 times 100 meter strides. (7/32.5)

Easy 7 miles in the morning. In the afternoon, I ran with the MSU team and put in another 9 miles or so. General mobility after run. Dan and I also went through the rudiment circuit after the run. Great group of guys. (16/48.5)

Easy morning run 5 miles. I did a tempo workout in the afternoon. The workout was 4 mile, 3 mile, 2 mile. My times were 20:02, 15:01, and 10:02. The rest was 4 minutes and 3 minutes. It was kind of cold out so it was hard starting the next tempo cause I got cold fast. When I got home, I nourished myself with two bowls of Lucky Charms before dinner. (17/65.5)

Easy run in the morning. Was feeling yesterday's tempo a bit, but felt ok. (11.5/77)

My morning was spent waiting on pins and needles for updates on Danny Tapia's race at the US Olympic Marathon Trials. Danny did great and finished in 2 hours and 15 minutes. Danny is an inspiration. I haven't ever met anyone quite like Danny. After hearing updates of Danny's race, I headed out for a long run. Was pretty tired, bit ran reverse Syphes Canyon plus a little add on for a total of about 18 miles. (18/95)

Weekly Summary
This week I ran a total of 95 miles, but there were two long runs in this 7 days so it inflated the mileage a little bit. It would have been about 90 miles if there had only been one long run. The 95 miles were done in 9 runs.

This week's Weezytale is about one of the few times I have ridden in a limo. I was in Indianapolis for the 2006 USA Track Championships. The meet was over and I needed to find a ride to the airport in the morning. Someone told me to call a limo company because they ran shuttles of people to the airport in limos and was much cheaper than taking a cab. So, I called the limo company the night before and it was all set. So, very early the next morning I waited for the limo and it arrived. I hopped in the limo and who was the only person sitting across from me, but Marion Jones. This was 2006 after the BALCO scandal. Everyone knew she was a drug cheat, but she had served her suspension and I think she had won the US championship in the 100 the day before. She went on to test positive again that summer I believe. Anyway, there I was sitting right across from her. I did not like anything about her and I am sure she didn't give a crap about me. So, we just sat there the entire time all the way to the airport. Neither of us said a word and there was no music, just dead silence. It was maybe the most ackward 20 to 30 minutes of my life. Looking back, it is really funny now.

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