Monday, August 29, 2011

Blog #3: August 28th to September 3rd

The goal for this week is to run 85 to 90 miles. Not completely sure yet about workouts this week. May run the tempo on Thursday and time trial on Saturday with the team. Planning on doing an interval workout Tuesday.

Long run up South Cottonwood. I felt good on this run. It was nice to be on a trail run on a place like Cottonwood. I went out for 58 minutes and came back in about the same for a total time of 1:55 of 1:56. The distance was about 16 miles. (16/16)

Recovery run 12 miles. I felt pretty good on this run. My left knee felt a bit tight. Need to roll out my legs and butt so that whatever is pulling at my knee stops. MSU track had its paperwork filling out meeting this evening. This was one long meeting. It lasted for well over two hours. Hopefully everyone will be cleared for practice by Wednesday and the season will be off and running. (12/28)

Had a really nice workout today. Little over three mile warmup and general mobility. Did 8 times 3 minutes on and 2 minutes off in the greater Lindley Park area. This workout really went pretty well. The 7th interval I started at the same spot as my first interval and I made it a little further on my 7th interval than 1st interval. Felt like I was moving along pretty well. I ran the two minutes easy downhill so I probably ended up running maybe 65% of "on" intervals uphill. (11.5/39.5)

Easy Run down to Sourdough Trails and back, a little over 5 miles. I carried a can of paint with me so I could put some directional arrows down on the ground for the team's tempo run on Thursday morning. In the afternoon, I ran about 6 miles with a couple of the guys from the team. Seth Grossman was pushing the pace, so I just let them go the last bit and kept it at easy run pace. After the easy run, we did 4 times 100 meter strides followed by 6 times 40 meter fly-ins. Felt pretty fast on the 40 meter fly-ins. (11/50.5)

6:30am tempo work with the MSU team. We did 3 times 2 mile tempo on Sourdough Trails with 1 minute rest between. The times don't look super fast, but the course is kind of slow with its gravel surface and tight turns. The three 2 mile tempos were about 10:40, 10:40, and 10:30. In the afternoon, I did an easy run of about 4.5 miles. (14.5/65)

Easy run in the morning of about 5.5 miles. Felt ok on morning run, but my knee was a little tight again. Rolled out after the run, which seems to make it feel better. I need to use the roller more consistently. Ran the hospital loop with the team again the same route as Wednesday. MSU Men's XC loves running the hospital loop, the worst run in town. Odd bunch! J/K The hospital loop is six miles or just a bit over. (11.5/ 76.5)

Ran a 5 mile tempo run/solo time trial on the course before the MSU XC teams ran their time trials. I ran 26:20 with splits of 5:14, 5:10, 5:21, 5:28, 5:05. I started the tempo at about 6:50am and it was cold, maybe 40 degrees at start. This run went pretty well except for the 4th mile which was slow. The time time trials went pretty well. Trevor Poison came across first for the men and Heather Haug and Keely West went 1-2 for the women. Heather Demorest, Seth Grossman, Dan Jackson, and Jake Turner also ran really well. There were also quite a few new comers on the women's side who had good races. Overall a good day for MSU XC! (9.5/86)

Weekly Summary:
A pretty good week of training. Good mileage and the workouts went much better overall. 86 miles in 10 runs.

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