Thursday, August 18, 2011

Gettin' my blog on and such! (Initial blog with week of training 8/14-8/20)

This is my inaugural blog! This blog is going to focus on running/training, but there is a pretty good chance it may cause you to 'LOL' or yell this is the 'TOML' (time of my life) or 'OMG' that is so funny! This first one I will just stick to training and such though.

Anyway, I've decided to run the Bozeman Half Marathon on September 11th. My fitness is not great and I am running the half marathon for the heck of it. My goal for training between now and the half marathon is to increase my fitness so I can really start doing some quality workouts after the half marathon. Not sure what race(s) I will be training for, but I will find something.

Week of Training (8/14-8/20)

Ran Chestnut Trail to Mt. Chestnut with Graydon and Adam. One of the hardest runs of my life. Basically 45 straight minutes of steep uphill running. Ran 55 minutes out and the entire run totaled 1 hour 45 minutes. (14.5/14.5)

Took the day off Hoss. I had to go to the optometrist because my left eyeball was super sore and had a bump on it. The doctor told me it was caused by dry and dusty air and sun. It was quite a relief to know what it was because my eye was unbelievably sore, felt like a large grain of sand was stuck on my eyeball, and was watering constantly. The optometrist told me to wear sunglasses when I run and use eye drops before and after each run. It started to feel better quickly after doing this. Also, I took our dog Higgins into the vet and had his two top front teeth pulled. The vet had to put him under because Higgins would not let him get a hold of his teeth. It was pretty gross to see them pulled and there was a lot of blood. Higgins seems to be feeling much better now without those two rotting teeth though.

Ran twice today. In the morning I ran 10 miles and tried a workout. I was too sore and bound up from running up and down Mt. Chestnut on Sunday. The workout was 2 times 3 mile tempo with 2 minutes rest between. The tempos ended up being closer to swing pace or something. In the afternoon, I ran about 6.75 miles. Felt better in the afternoon. (16.75/31.25)

Easy run and hurdle mobility, strides, and plyos like previous (single leg jumps - 10 each leg, frog jumps - 10, single leg jumps, bounds - 30 total, single leg jumps--100 meter strides after each of the 5 Plyo Stations). Felt much better than yesterday. Starting to feel a little faster on strides. (11.5/42.5)

Warmed up three miles, did a little gen mob, then did a workout. The workout was 10 times 3 minutes on, 2 minutes off. The 'on' was a bit faster than tempo. The volume of the workout was pretty good, but the intensity of this workout as well as the other workouts I have done needs to improve. (12.5/55)

Ran up Sourdough Canyon today. This may have been the slowest I have run on an easy run. Very tired and out of energy. Didn't think I ran yesterday's workout too hard, but it may have been based on my energy level today. 12 miles very slow.  (12/67)

Did a progressive run on the Sourdough Trail System in town. I decided to just run 6 loops on a 1.67 mile loop so I had good feedback on pace. The goal was to try to get faster each loop for a total of 10 miles. My six loops were run in 9:49, 9:32, 9:16, 9:08, 9:07, 9:10 for a total for the 10 miles of 56:03. Had a hard time staying on pace the last couple loops. Seemed like I would pick it up for a bit, but then my mind would drift causing me to slip into a slower pace. Overall this workout wasn't too bad. Had an overall average pace of 5:36 per mile for the 10 miles which isn't too bad for the winding trail system. (14/81)

Weekly Summary:
81 miles in 7 runs and 1 day off. Pretty good week overall, although the quality of the workouts needs to begin to improve.

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