Monday, October 17, 2011

October 16th to 22nd

7am long run with MSU team after getting back from Penn State yesterday. This was the worst I have ever felt on a run. I guess it must have been from the travel, but I felt so sore and bound up, especially in my knees. My knees throbbed a bit and were even a little warm to the touch after the run. The plan for today had been to run for 2:05 to 2:10, bit it was just a struggle so called it good at 105 minutes (1:45). This is one run I don't regret calling early. (15.5/15.5)

I ran on my own in the evening after the sprinters' practice and felt 100 times better than yesterday. My knees both feel a little warm after the run, but still much better. I got a great night's sleep last night which really helped. (12/27.5)

I stared out this morning with the intention of doing a mix workout. Things did not go very well. The workout was going to be 4 tempo miles, 3 1200s, and 4 200s. I did the first tempo mile and it was way, way, way slower than I thought it was. The second mile felt the same. I started a third tempo mile and realized it was going to be slow too so I got frustrated and quit the workout. Still not feeling great, I decided to do 5 30 second segments at mile pace. They felt ok but not great. I headed for home and decided to see if I was feeling good enough to do a workout in the afternoon. I did the workout in the afternoon with the MSU XC team. The workout was 1200s with 3 minutes rest. It was the same loop as we used 2 weeks ago 400 meters of slight downhill on an asphalt paved trail then 800 meters of a serious climb. During the recovery period we jogged downhill to the start. The first 400 meters of downhill felt pretty easy and I probably averaged 68 seconds to it, then the climb started. I did 6 of the 1200s and averaged 3:50 for the difficult course. This was one of my better workouts in a while. I felt good and wondered how I was so off just this morning? (17/44.5)

Easy Run of 6 miles in the morning. Easy run of 7 miles and hurdle mobility in the afternoon. (13/57.5)

6:15am tempo with the team. Went for 25 minutes total and through the 4 mile mark in 20:55. 4 times 200 meters on the track after the workout. (9.5/67)

Easy runs of 7 miles in morning and 6 miles at night. My mom met Baby Rowan for the first time tonight. It was pretty exciting! (13/80)

Drove to Missoula for the state XC meet. I left at about 6:30 and arrived in Missoula at 9:30 where I ran a workout with Garbet and Turner. I did 10 sets of 2 min on, 1 minute off, 1 minute on, 30 seconds off, 30 on, 30 off and then right into the next 2 minute segment. There was 33 minutes of total on pace. The on pace was a bit faster than 8k race pace. I felt pretty good. Starting to feel more and mote fit. The state XC races were great to watch and there were so many great performances! (10/90)

Weekly Summary:
90 miles in 10 runs. Good week. Getting faster.

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