Thursday, September 22, 2011

September 18th to 24th

Long Run with MSU team up Story Hill and back. We don't have the vans available to use anymore so we ran in town. For some reason, most of the guys on the team went a little shorter on this run. We ran maybe 14.5 miles. I should have added on a bit, but didn't. (14.5/14.5)

Did not run today. Not sure why just a little distracted and unmotivated today.

Ran 6 miles on my own in the morning. In the afternoon I ran a workout with the MSU team. We did a total of 6 - 1200s. We switched back and fourth between doing 3*400 with 30 seconds rest and straight 1200s. There was 3 minutes rest after the last 400 and after each 1200. The venue was on the grass practice fields. I had a really low energy level going into this workout and I struggled a bit in the workout. I am pretty sure my fitness is better than I showed on this workout. (15/29.5)

Had planned on running in the morning, but Rowan was up quite a bit at night so I watched Rowan in the morning while Sierra caught some extra Zs. In the afternoon, I did a 33 minute easy run then met up with the team and ran for 57 minutes for a run of a total length of 90 minutes. After the run we did a round of hurdle mobility, 9 times 100 yard strides, and then 8 times 40 yard flyins barefoot on the grass. Felt much better today than yesterday. (13/42.5)

6:15am practice in which I did 3 times 2 mile tempos with 2 minutes rest between with the team. The first 2 mile tempo was slightly uphill and was slow as we warmed up. During the second tempo I got a little fired up because I just let everyone lead the first one and it was super slow. On the second one, I seriously dropped the pace and one of the guys was trying to pass me just to be in front I guess. I wondered why they hadn't gone faster on the first one instead of passing me when I was out front with an honest pace on the second. I have to be careful when I run with the team. I try to hone my competitiveness and do so for the most part, but deep down I am always ready for any and all challengers so to speak. The third two mile tempo was a pretty honest pace so I just tucked in and cruised it home with the guys. All together this workout totaled 10 miles. In the afternoon, I ran 6 miles easy. (16/58.5)

Sierra, Rowan, and did some serious hanging out in the morning, so I went for a longer run in the afternoon. I ran for 63 minutes with the MSU team and then added on another 20 minutes for a total run of about 12 miles. (12/70.5)

8am workout with the MSU team in the Lindley Center Softball Complex area. It was a fartlek workout of 3 min on, 2 minutes easy, 2 minutes on, 1 minute easy, 1 minute on, 30 seconds easy. The short rest before the 3 minute segment was kind of tough. I felt pretty good and comfortable during this workout. We did 5 sets for a total of 30 minutes on. Dan Jackson took some crazy turns when he was leading to keep all of us on our toes I guess:). This workout totaled about 11.5 miles. (11.5/82)

Weekly Summary:
This was a pretty good week of training, but missing Monday caused the mileage to be lower. The week totaled 82 miles in 8 runs. The Tuesday workout was a bit of a struggle, but just getting through it probably did some good.

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