Tuesday, September 13, 2011

September 11th to 17th

I ran in the Bozeman Half Marathon and finished 1st in a time of 69 minutes and 44 seconds or so. The time was a little faster than I thought it would be with an average pace of 5:19 per mile for the 13.1 mile course. For the most part I felt pretty comfortable during the race. I was out front the entire way, except for the first 2 miles where there were two guys right with me. Josh Ricardi and Graydon Curry ran well and finished in 2nd and 3rd place. After finishing I ran back and ran together with my sister, Kay, who finished in 1 hour and 56 minutes. Kay has started to run regularly this year and is really doing great. All together, I think I put in 18 miles. (18/18)

Easy run in the morning (5 miles) and in the afternoon (7 miles) both of which were both very slow and easy. (12/30)

Practice was moved to 6:15am because it looked like it was going to be hot in the afternoon when we usually practice. I ran with the MSU team and did 5 sets of 4 times 400 with 30 seconds rest and a 3 minute set break. I did feel a little tired from the half marathon, but not too bad. The last set was pretty fast. We did this on the grass practice fields which were pretty soggy and wet from the sprinklers. In fact, there was one place where we had to run through the sprinklers. It was fun to run a faster interval workout with someone for the first time in a long time. (9/39)

I had planned on doing a morning run, but Sierra was pretty tired and needed a rest so I watched Rowan while Sierra slept. In the afternoon Sierra and I took Rowan over to the track offices and he met Coach Kennedy, Coach Carignan, and Coach Eitel. In the afternoon I ran for about 25 minutes by myself and then met up with the MSU XC team for a total of 75 minutes or so. After the run, we did hurdle mobility, 4 - 100 meter strides, and then 8 - 40 yard flyin sprints with a short 30 second break between. (11/50)

Tempo run at 6:15am on the Sourdough trails. This tempo was relatively short at 20 minutes long. I went over to the trail system early to put down a 1 mile mark on the trails. I forgot my headlamp though, so I spent a long time trying to find the small permanent mark because it was in the trees and dark out. The loop we ran today was different and I little bit more difficult than the loop we had been doing. This workout totaled about 8 miles. In the afternoon, I ran a short and easy run of about 5.5 miles. (13.5/63.5)

Spent the morning with Rowan while Sierra caught up on some Zs. Met Coach Kennedy and we started getting everything ready for the XC meet tomorrow. It rained on us while we marked the course. In the afternoon, I ran 5 miles with the MSU XC team. Should have fit in another run earlier in the day. (5/68.5)

Today was the MSU Cross Country Open. The men's and women's teams both ran pretty well. Both genders were pretty competitive through four runners, but our last scoring runner on each team struggled a bit. Our team's will run better in future meets. I ran five miles in the morning before the meet. I intended to do a workout later in the day, but my sister was in town visiting so I didn't get it done. (5/73.5)

Summary of Week:
This wasn't a great week. I ran 73.5 miles in 9 runs. I did two workouts this week. The Tuesday workout was pretty good, the Thursday tempo was not very long or quality, and no workout on Saturday.

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