Wednesday, July 25, 2012

July 22nd to July 28th

Sierra, Rowan, and I went to the Bear Canyon Trailhead and I headed out on a nice run which the MSU team of 2001-2003 use to do pretty often. It is a nice loop heading up one side of the canyon and heading back on the other side after running to the Trail Creek Cabin. We did get a late start so it was definitely a little hot. Maybe 80 to 85 degrees by the time I finished. Afterward we went to Great Harvest for cinnamon rolls and then to Cafe M for coffee. It was a great time! (16.5/16.5)

Easy run in the morning with Dan of about 11.5 miles. (11.5/28)

Dan and I decided to do a little uptempo 20 minute run as a part of our run today. It was ok, not fast or hard, but just a little something different. (10/38)

Easy run of about 12 miles. (12/50)

Easy run of about 13 miles. (13/63)

Easy run of about 12 miles. (12/75)


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