Monday, February 27, 2012

February 19th to 25th & MSU BSC Recap

This week I am going to take off of workouts to get rid of my cough, because I am not racing for a while, and to relax for a week or so before getting ready for the outdoor season.

Easy run 8 miles

Easy run 7 miles

Easy Run 7 miles

Easy run 4 miles

No run, traveled to Flagstaff for Big Sky Indoor Champs

Ran late at night after the first day of competition, 9 miles.

Easy run in the morning of about 9 miles. Ran on a nice trail in Flagstaff.

Weekly Summary
44 miles in 6 runs. I didn't really intend this week to be this easy, but I just took it really easy and ran when I wanted for as long as I wanted to run. I think it really helped to take this week easy because I am really motivated to get back to training now and my cough is mostly gone.


Women's Distance Medley - Heather Demorest ran a great 1200 and built a couple second lead on the field. Chelsea ran a solid 400 meter leg and maintained the lead. Maddy ran the 800 and also ran well. Becca Sorenson ran a really good 1600 leg, but was up against a couple really solid milers. The team ended up finishing 3rd overall, which is higher than most would have thought going into the meet.

Men's Distance Medley - Forrest Jarvi ran the 1200 and was feeling sick, but still gave it all he had. Mike ran the 400 and ran well. Matt Tex started out a little fast and had a bit of a tough time the last 200 meters. Jacob Kirk got the stick in 3rd place way behind Portland State and Northern Arizona. Jacob went out very fast at 61 for his first 400. Jacob moved the team into 2nd place and even made a run at first place and ended up running 4:16 or so for 1600 meters at 7,000 feet. Forrest, Matt, and Kirk were all sick either the day of the race of the day after. I think with better health this team could run much faster.

Men's 5000 - Dan Jackson ran a great race and placed 2nd. Jake Turner ran his first 5K and ended up placing 8th. Carl, Seth, and Trevor also ran the 5K, but didn't quite break the top 8. I was worried about Dan going into this race because he had been out of workouts for a couple of weeks because of a muscle strain. Dan ran with composure and great confidence.

Women's Mile - Heather Demorest ran a solid race in the mile and placed 6th. She has really improved since last year and is becoming increasingly more consistent. Heather Haug redshirted this indoor season, but ran at the USATF meet. She won the slower of the two heats and finished 9th overall in 4:26 (4:21aa).

Men's Mile - Jacob Kirk was very congested and feeling pretty sick going into this race. However, he gave it all he had and placed 6th. After this race, Jacob sounded really sick and was feeling awful. Seth Grossman and Forrest Jarvi also ran the mile.

Women's 800 - Lierin ran in the trials of the 800, but was trying to overcome a cold and didn't make the final.

Men's 800 - Super freshman and Teddy Graham lover, Grant Grosvenor worked hard all weekend to not fall behind society. Also, he won the 800. The race went out pretty slow. He took the lead with 250 meters to go and went really hard with 200 meters to go. Chipengama tried to pass with just under 100 meters to go, but after a couple strides, Grant found another gear and won pretty easily. Grant's splits were 58 - 54. Grant looks to be in sub 1:50 shape in the right race. Grant is gonna have a big outdoor season.

Women's 3000 - Becca Sorenson ran a solid 3K after a hard 1600 leg of the DMR on Friday night.

Men's 3000 - Before the race, Dan Jackson didn't think he was going to be able to run because of his muscle strain. So, I really didn't think he was going to be able to finish the race. Dan Jackson started the race and just kept going and ended up collecting another 2nd place finish! Jake Turner also ran a great 3K and finished 3rd overall. I thought Jake would run about this well in the 5K the night before, but was a little nervous about where he would place after the 5K. Turner did a great job at the critical point of this race and made the move which propelled him to a 3rd place finish.

Here is a link to complete BSC results:


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