Wednesday, February 15, 2012

February 12th to 18th

A couple more things from last week:

Thanks to Miles, Blake, Kari, Kevin, and the Murphs for coming to watch the race!

Forgot to mention the best part of weekend, which was getting back home to a smiling Rowan and Sierra!

Here is a video of Mile Race at UW:
Watch more video of 2012 Flotrack Husky Classic on

Long Run 15 miles. I felt good at the start of the run, but started to feel pretty sluggish about 45 minutes into it. (15/15)

Was a little busy with things in the morning, so I didn't run in the morning. Right before afternoon practice, I went for a baby stroller run with Baby Rowan. This was the first baby stroller run of my life. After practice, I ran about 8 miles. (12/27)

Mix workout in the morning, 4 times tempo miles, 2 * 1200, and 3 * 300 cut downs. Rest was 1 minute after tempo, 3 minutes after 1200s, and 1 minute rest after 300s. I ran the tempos outside and the 1200s and 300s were inside Fieldhouse. The tempos were between 5:00 and 5:07, the 1200s were both 3:24, and the 300s were 45, 43, 42. Felt pretty good and relaxed throughout this workout. In the afternoon, I threw in another baby Rowan stroller run. This time Newton went on the run with us, too! (14/41)

Easy run in the morning of 6.5 miles and about 6 miles in the afternoon. (12.5/53.5)

Has been a while since I updated my blog, so I can't quite remember what I did for a run on this day. I would guess I ran about 6 miles. (6/59.5)

Ran the mile and the 800 at the Bobcat Open, well at least I tried to run the 800. My plan in the mile was to go out pretty hard and see how I felt. I went through the 800 at 2:01, but then my laps started to slow down. With 400 to go, I knew I wasn't going to run real fast so I didn't push the last 400 real hard and ran 4:12. After the mile, I had a horrible cough. I coughed all the way to the start of the 800 and even the first 400 meters of the 800, I was still coughing. All and all I was pretty disappointed with both races. I am going to take some time off of workouts in order to get over this cough next week. (6.5/60)

Took the day off today

Weekly Summary
60 miles in 9 runs.

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